What should I do to prepare my car for an Apex Predators Track Experience track day?
Obviously, you need to make sure that your car is mechanically sound before taking it out on the track. Before each track day, you should "nut and bolt" the entire car. Check to make sure that all suspension and chassis hardware is tight. Make sure that your pads and rotors still have plenty of life. We recommend adding fresh brake fluid with a 600 degree boiling point (Motul 600 is what we use) Take a close look at your tires, and make sure that there is no unusual wear (especially on the inside edge where damage can go unnoticed). Don't underestimate what a good alignment will do for you. Make sure your wheels are properly torqued. Do some research and find out what the proper hot tire pressure is for your application (on a street car, a good general rule of thumb is that you want the hot pressure to be what is printed on your door jamb). Make sure that you have a full tank of gas and that all of your fluids are fresh and at the proper level.
What do I need to bring, what helment is required?
SA 2010 Snell or newer certified auto racing helmet. This helmet is different than a motorcycle helmet (DOT), which are not allowed. Also, a full face, with large eye port is a best! Each track has different clothing requirements. Most of the time closed toe shoes, long pants, and any shirt will be fine, but some tracks require a long sleeve shirt. Lastly, bring a good attitude. Everyone is trying to have a good time. Be patient, courteous, and thoughtful of other track day participants. We are here to have fun together.
Are your Track Days for beginners, what experience do I need?
Only drivers with previous on track experience will be allowed on track and must fill out their driver profile with their registration. Coaches or instructors will not be available. However more experienced drivers are always willing to share their on track knowledge.
Does my car insurance cover me on track?
This is for you to research with your insurance agent/company . We are not wheel to wheel racing and some policies MAY cover you but most Do Not. Some companies have exclusions for any event at a racing facility. You can purchase car track insurance thru Lockton Affinity or Opentrack.com
Can I have a passenger on track?
Passengers may ride with a driver who has previous on track experience. The minimum age to take a passenger is 16. Passengers who are 16 or 17 will need a to sign a minor waiver signed by both a parent or guardian. This junior waiver will be available at the track.
What about Junior Drivers?
Junior drivers between 16-17 may drive with a valid driver’s license and previous on track experience. A junior waiver must be signed by a parent or guardian at the track.
Is there a membership fee?
There is no membership fee required to participate in an Apex Predators Track Experience event!
Do I have to have a PayPal Account to checkout?
No! If you are registering for an track day event, you do not need to have a PayPal account. If you are purchasing an item from our Shop (please do) you can either register for an account or checkout as a guest.